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February 16, 2011

My Older. My younger. My hearts.

I think that in order to go on fairly, I must formally introduce you to my childrens.  They are the most awesome childrens, I'm biased, I know, but they are.

Here's my little darlings at ages six and two.  Aren't they just scrumptious?
They are truly as different as night and day, but they are best friends.

By ages nine and five.  It was impossible not fall in love with them every single day.
Independent, loyal, giving, trustworthy, intelligent, and beautiful inside and out, my older changed my life forever.  Getting pregnant at fifteen, wasn't in my plans, but oh, what a difference she made in my life.  Since she was born she was Miss Independent, always figuring things out on her own, impatiently of course, but on her own.  Once she learned to read, my job as a teacher was over, she has such a thirst for knowledge.  Unfortunately, she has some of her mom's lack of motivation skills too.

This is just about the time she became smarter than me.  She's five.
We grew up together, teaching each other valuable lessons along the way.  She was my very first best friend and her logic and problem solving skills have helped out more than a thousand times in my life.

Look at that little face.  I want that little face back for a day or two.

Colorful, witty, crafty and just plain fun.  Those are only a few, out of a million words that I can use to describe the younger.
I know, I wanna smoosh those cheeks too.

From the minute this kid was born, she was not one to be put into any specific, personality category.  She is a one-of-a-kind, truly original, work of art.  She's definitely not as serious as her older counterpart, which means she's always perfect to have around, when your feeling down.  She's bold, she's blunt and you always know where you stand with this kid.  Little secret.  She was a total handful from the ages three to six.  I thought I was going to lose my mind with this kid.  Truly happy that we both made it through with our wits still about us.  Well mostly.  She's a ball of fun this one. 
Such a lovely lady.   I don't know where she gets her charm.
Okay, maybe I do.
Anyway you look at it, if your looking from my perspective, those lovelies are practically perfect  almost ninety-five percent of the time.  They are growing into such wonderful young women, full of love and pride, and I hope they always know, all joking aside, they are by far the coolest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.
This was a Christmas picture for my in-laws last year, the boy in the middle, that's my very handsome Nephew.
Well, there's a short introduction to my lovely ladies.  Now if you don't mind.  I'm going to go back to sorting through old pictures of them while bawling my eyes out.

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