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January 21, 2011

Splish splash

I was just walking outside.  Holy crap, it's raining buckets out there.  My sloped driveway is starting to look like a pretty little creek.  I've almost always lived in the valley below our hill, when it rained like this.  I always dreamed of living on the hill, so that I wouldn't have to worry about my yard flooding or pulling my pant legs up to my knees when I walked outside, but sheesh, living on the hill is proving to be just as watery.

You know what I hate the most, though?  Muddy footprints all over everything.

This is my kitchen floor.  One dog, one minute.  I don't want to see what my red carpet would look like if it was white.
This is the only time of year, when I'm glad that my carpet is deep red.  It usually just gets a deeper red color after a season of full on rain.

My kitchen floor sees a towel more than twice a day.

My kitchen floor needs to see a towel right now.

See y'all later, I'm gonna go see a towel about a floor.


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